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#Shakespearenofilters retelling of Romeo and Juliet altogether here in one post

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And now the Friar’s potion wears off and Juliet wakes up! She finds Romeo lying by her side… he isn’t moving 😳 . She’s getting more and more upset and then thinks that the answer is to end her life so she can be with him… That’s definitely not the answer Juliet! Romeo’s drunk all his poison so, grasping at straws, she kisses his lips to try and get any last drop of poison… but it doesn’t work. —- If you feel similarly to Juliet and need some support, remember you can talk to Samaritans free any time 📱116 123 or 📧 (UK and Ireland) or find support in your country at 🖥 #Shakespeare #ShakespeareLives #BritishCouncil #NYT #RomeoAndJuliet #ShakespeareNoFilter

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